Fishocide And Sea-things!

A few months ago I got a call from my dad while I was riding my bike. We usually don’t talk all that much unless I need money or he needs to check up on me to make sure I’m alive. I told him I was on a bike on Bloor St. and if I stayed on the phone I would risk careening into someting. Well he told me to stop biking because he had some really good news. Alright…

“We got an aquarium! With fish!”

“Oh…that’s really nice…”

And what an aquarium it is. Behold above! I hadn’t had a chance to see it until I came to visit, in fact before i actually saw it I was expecting something lame like a tiny tank with one tiny fish. But I was wrong. I have mixed feeling about aquariums, especially ones with coral and sea-things I can’t even name like the ones above. You always have to wonder where one would acquire coral and such to sell. I asked my dad, and he said he didn’t really know. Then I asked him if it was illegal to remove them from the sea around these part (in California), and he said yes…yes it is. He then told me they would probably get them from other countries and ship them in. Great! Other than that little piece of knowledge, I can’t help but be enamored by these sea-things! Seriously, every night we would congregate, my step mom, my dad, and me around the aquarium to see if something happened, or just to look at it. Apparently sea-things die really easily. They continuously have to replace fish and stuff because they would die. If it doesn’t look right within the first few days of being put into the tank, then chances are its going to die. Sad.

Spiky purple sea-urchin!! It likes to pick up random stuff and carry it on its head for some reason.

Weird pulsating blob. I like it because I have no clue what it is…and it pulsates hahaha. Sea-things are weird. I’m actually a pussy when it come to things in the ocean. I always get this feeling I’m going to step on something I don’t recognize while I’m at the beach. In fact every time I see a plastic bag floating around me I have to do a double take to make sure it’s not a Man o’ War. Though I like to watch these thing do its thing in the tank, I ardently refuse to touch them so casually like my dad and step mom do.


OMFG!! *$20 New Shoes*

I just bought news shoes. This is epic because they costed me 20 bucks, and because I only own one other pair. These probably are not terribly interesting, but…20 bucks at Macy’s!!!!

My first Taco Truck!

So I’m in California visiting my dad for two weeks. I’m leaving on the 3rd to go back home and just now did I discover the fantastic delights of the Taco Truck. I’ve read about them before on several food blogs, and heard about them from my cousin and my brother, but I never actually thought about going to one until today…I forgot I was in California.

I was forewarned that it wouldn’t look at all impressive when we drove up, but I wasn’t really expecting anything more than a truck selling tacos. Which is exactly what it is. But as we parked…HOLY CRAP do you see that sign? TACOS 2×1.00 !! This totally beats the 4$ mountain of chinese food you get at the Dragon Centre back home (more on that later). As we went to the other side there were signs displaying the many types of tacos they had, lengua (tongue), carnitas (braised pork), carne asada (roasted beef), cabeza (cows head, chicharonnes (fried lard!), cerizo (sausage) and others that I forgot. I got so heady with the choices I forgot I was gonna get all the different types (its 2 for a 1$ for godsakes!) and ordered two cerizo and carnitas since I instantly recognized them…dammit.


Mine came with this huge pickled jalapeno which made my brother jealous. I had to share it with him since his didn’t come with any. He also said he forgot to get fresh pineapple juice, which they apparently give out for free. DAMMIT. We weren’t doing this right. I LOVE that they used corn tortillas instead of the regular flour ones you get at faux-Mexican places. They’re drier, but they have more texture and flavor to them then the tasteless flour tortillas you get at Taco Bell. The cherizo was awesome, but what spicy fried sausage isn’t? The carnitas however we’re dry and tasteless. I was warned before hand but I forgot. Throw some lime on those babies, some radishes, and a bite of jalapeno made these tacos fucking sing!

Christian went for the cabeza and the carne asada. These were good, really good, they were better than mine. There is nothing like roasted head stuff in a taco. Seriously. The meat was tender, whatever part of the head it might have came from, and it was flavorful. And the carne asada beats any mystery beef that Taco Bell shoves its flour sheets of death. At least we know its head and real meat we’re eating. The picture above really demonstrates the delicious pondering you get when you bite into a cow head taco. 

El Chavito also sells burritos and tortas, YUM. I think another visit soon is expected


TACOS EL CHAVITO                                                                          

Morgan Lane (its a truck on a street…)

Huntington Beach CA 92647

I saw it….twice

To celebrate my brother’s MCAT test taking, my dad wanted to take me and my brother out to the movies. It was cute. But after spending the better part of the day trying to figure out what to see, my brother suggested we watch Tropic Thunder….again. We’ve already seen at the beginning of the week. I wanted to watch Hellboy 2, but no, that didn’t happen. What stopped me from throwing a fit was that Tropic Thunder is absolutely hilarious, bordering on brilliant. Usually I find myself only mustering up a chuckle for many Stiller movies, but this action spoof pushed away a lot of the “family fun” fluff that some of his older movies had, and just went for the ridiculous and even the retarded (its in the movie) which I personally thoroughly enjoyed.

Some audience members might think it way over the top, such as my cousin. But why the hell not? Action movies, although they are a thrill and entertaining, are always mostly improbable, contrived, and even ridiculous i.e. Bruce Willis’ ability to avoid death like an annoying fly in Live Free or Die Hard (which it its self borders on spoofiness). The comedy and the jokes itself are very clever, poking fun at the film industry and the misanthropic, prima donna personalities in the world of movies and movie making. In fact so many jokes fly out that it is hard to even catch all of them.

Best line : “I’m a lead farmer mothafuckah!!”


My feelings aside, the film though has apparently garnered a lot of controversy over the use of the word “retard”. Disability rights advocates are up in arms over the mention of the word, which is mentioned several times in the movie, as well as a not so flattering imitation of a person with mental retardation, Simple Jack played by Ben Stiller himself. Although I can understand the uproar and the insult that it may have caused, the movie satirizes Hollywoods approach to mental disabilities, and at time outrightly comments on the depiction of disabilities on screen, not of actual people with disabilities. But of course, all with comedic effect. As for the use of the words “imbecile”, “moron”, and “moronical”, if you’ve watched the movie, Kirk Lazarus (Downey jr.) is actually insulting Ben Stiller’s character in a comedic indirect way, and in no way calling anyone with a disability an “imbecile”. I find it however interesting that a big budget satirical movie is attacked, while a satirical animated show, that depicts people with disabilities and uses the word “retard” shamelessly, has been on air for more than a decade and has not been lampooned by these groups. Look at South Park; ridiculous, satirical, and crass.

Advocacy groups are wonderful, they bring awareness, help people and bring in resources to those who need them. I actually work for one sometimes. However every now and then I often find myself turned off by their media spectacles they make of themselves. Possibly for press attention? I can’t really say. However if that is the case, there are certainly better ways to reach out to the public then attacking a movie, a Ben Stiller movie of all things…